Plagiarism is what fundamentally characterized as the copying or spinning one’s own written content. It is really very annoying when someone just copied your content and posted it on some other site. In addition, it is also painful to see that the copied content is ranking better on the search engine as compared to the original one. So here in this article we are providing you with the best and most trusted tool to find the plagiarized content in the article.


Grammarly Free Plagiarism Checker
This is probably the best plagiarism tool to check the copied content which is started in 2015. This tool performs multi task such as along with finding the plagiarized content you can also check the grammatical errors in your articles and can check the spellings also.

Plagium Plagiarism Tool
This is another one of the outstanding tool to check the duplicity of the content written. You just have to paste the whole content on the homepage and click on quick search, results will be shown within no time.

Copyscape is the most popular and used tool among the SEO experts and professionals. In this tool you can check whether the content is copied or unique just by posting the URL. It is very fast and you can use it for many times.

Plagiarism Checker
Here you can also check the uniqueness of the article being posted on different sites. This will surely show you the honest results and you can likewise do your work.
This one is also a very well known tool for checking the articles. Just paste the URL of the site who you want to analyze and you will get your results.

If you want to get rid of the plagiarized content then this tool is also very much of your personal use. Check the article and evaluate the article.

Dupli Checker
You can also use this tool to check the originality of the content. It will tell you whether the content is copied or being written by someone by himself.

Webconfs Similar Page Checker
The other best one tool is here to find the copied content in any article. Just browse the text and get your results.

So these are the top 8 plagiarism checker tools available online for your purpose.