How to Create a Good Product Catalogue?

Product catalogue is nothing but a most useful tool for any online seller to increase its sales. It is a most astounding way to showcase your products and items to the customers worldwide and get a large customer base. So your catalogue must be very appealing to the customers and products should be displayed very well. A catalogue is an appropriate combination of product description and some good and clear images of your products. So below are some pints for how to creating a good product catalogue:

Simple Page Title
A page title should be simple, easy and meaningful to the customers. It should deliver exact and attractive information to the customers regarding the products. It should neither be too large nor too short so as to avoid disinterest of the customers and they can easily understand. Page title should comprise product name, color or size specifications and also quantity if possible. By engaging these details it will be more beneficial for you and will create interest of customers in your products.

Detailed Product Descriptions
Product description should be done in such as way so as to provide each and every single information related to the product. As you cannot write everything in title so try to include all the relevant information about the product in the description. Include all the particular information like dimensions, units, material, care instructions, warranty information and anything else so that customers can better understand your product and likewise buy them.

Sharp Product Images
There is one disadvantage persisting in online shopping that customers can’t touch or feel the product before buying it. Images are the one and only way through which they get an idea about the purchase they made. So it is important to display sharp and high quality HD images. Shoot the items at various edges to demonstrate their total view. Make sure not even a single view is missed so as to avoid creating bad impact.

Answer FAQs
A product catalogue should always contain a frequently answer questions box in it.  In this, all the doubts and product related a question which cannot be covered in product descriptions is included. By answering to customer’s questions you can higher you sales as customer will feel satisfied about your products.

Functional Design
Whenever a customer finally land to the product page they will not be able to see the entire product related specifications and details chronologically, yet they add the product in the cart. For this you should always keep your design of the site simple and user friendly so that it is easy for user to access.

Well, creating a product catalogue is such a costly process. Many catalogue creation software’s charges high prices for creating catalogue. Also if you create your catalogue on your own the cost of writing web pages and print will also cost much. Now your task had made easier as Amazon provides you with the best creation of catalogue. So all you have to do now is to list all your products with Amazon and start selling them online.

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