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What Is Customer Experience And Why Is It Important? -

What Is Customer Experience And Why Is It Important?

Which is your favorite place to eat and why?
Probably because you had a great experience there.
That’s how great customer experience works. You get loyal customers.
Let’s understand more about customer experience and how it can benefit any business.

What Is Customer Experience?
No matter how much someone complicates this term, it’s easiest to understand.
Customer experience is how you make your customers feel at your place.

It involves both the first impression and the journey of the customer with your brand. From your core services to all other aspects linked to it, customer experience is how it all influenced your visitors.

If we take into consideration amazon delivery services, it’s the product that is the primary concern of the customer. But, the services will be judged on everything from packaging to time taken to deliver, delivery executive behavior, app or website interface, and much more.

Why Is Customer Experience Important?
Do you know, even search engines are focussing more on user experience? All the new updates are about improving the user experience.
Now, when we are already at the end of 2020, we need to understand that customer experience is more important than anything else. The importance is more than ever before, and will probably never go down.
Reason? The user has mass media to raise its voice if something doesn’t go well. The power is in the hands of the customer and that’s why customer experience is important.
If you take a totally satisfied customer, a somewhat satisfied customer, and a dissatisfied customer, the revenue stats will shock you. The totally satisfied customer contributes 14 times of revenue contributed by the dissatisfied customer and 2.6 of the revenue contributed by a somewhat satisfied customer.

New Shoppers Into Loyal Customers
Do you know it’s less expensive to keep existing customers than acquiring new customers?
And what if your existing customer isn’t happy?
Bringing in new customers will be even more expensive.

New shoppers can become loyal customers if offered a great customer experience and positive customer reviews. They are more likely to stick in a better environment.
Great customer experience will not only keep your existing customers pampered, but their word of mouth will also bring new shoppers. Let’s see how?

Word Of Mouth Advocates Better Than Anything Else
In this world full of adverts, nearly 84% of aware users don’t even take advertisements seriously.
If I have to purchase a new tool, I will prefer to ask my squad instead of going behind an advertisement and that’s what we call word of mouth advocacy.
If you offer a great consumer experience, your customers will become your advocates and will bring in new customers.
You can also use their feedback in your marketing strategy. Let’s see how?

User-Generated Content Is The New ‘Unique’
Standing out is the most run race and all your competitors are already practicing it. Instead of focusing on the content matter, why don’t you focus on content style?
When everyone is serving quality, who serves it most interestingly gets the most votes.
Customer feedback in the form of videos can be shared as a part of your marketing strategy and that works better than anything.

Build A Trusted Relationship With Your Customers
Trust is built on mutual grounds. The customers take one step ahead and give you a chance and you have to win them there.
The experience offered by you and the positivity spread by your loyal customers will build the strongest relationships. The relationship of credibility.

Are you ready to improve yourself? Because that’s how you are going to impress your customers. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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