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GetResponse Review- Email Marketing Tool -

GetResponse Review- Email Marketing Tool

Marketers use different marketing strategies to generate leads and sales. One such method which has gained huge popularity in the past few years is Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing is all about targeting those customers who are interested in your services or products. It includes creating valuable content that attracts your potential buyers. 

Many platforms allow you to engage with customers to share details of your services. In this article, we will discuss one such service called email. Email Marketing is one of the cheapest and effective ways to interact with consumers. Emails can function both as inbound and outbound marketing. But inbound emails are considered more cost-effective than outbound emails. Here is an amazing tool for you to run campaigns of inbound email marketing. 

What Is Getresponse? 

Getresponse is online campaign management and email marketing platform designed for entrepreneurs to engage with shoppers who are interested in their products. The Getresponse offers you over 30 tools that will make your online marketing journey seamless. This tool is extremely easy to use and users don’t need to have any prior knowledge of working with it.

It provides a huge variety of templates to create your emails and landing pages yourself without paying extra to a coder or graphics designer. The best thing about Getresponse is that they give you spam protection and have the highest delivery rate of 99 percent in the market. Means your content will be delivered to all of your customers and you will receive full value for the money you spent. 

There are many other privileges if you consider this tool. Excited to know about them? Follow the next section. 

Why Should You Use Getresponse? 

The Getresponse is loaded with amazing features and it is suitable for everyone including individual bloggers, small or mid-sized businesses, beginner marketers, and big companies. Here is a list of four must-have marketing tools offered by Getresponse. 

Email marketing

The Email Marketing feature of Getresponse helps you create attractive emails which result in more opens, clicks, and sales. The autoresponder function of this tool is outstanding which automatically sends custom emails to your subscribers. 

It has a wide range of prebuilt templates. All you have to do is to choose the right template that resembles your brand or product. Also, you can group your subscribers into different segments to send them offers and product recommendations of their interests. 

Landing Pages

A landing page is an important factor that affects the conversion rate of your website. Now you can build an attractive landing page by yourself with the help of its prebuilt templates and drag-&-drop feature. It also allows you to keep a track of your landing page performance. Getresponse provides you with the exact number of visits, clicks, and conversions generated from your landing page. 


Interact with your audiences directly by hosting a webinar using the webinar builder feature of Getresponse. You can host any number of webinars with this tool without any limitations. The best thing is your audience doesn’t need to download any apps to join your webinar, share your customizable URL and add up to thousand members per webinar.  

Marketing Automation 

The marketing automation tool of Getresponse saves a lot of time for you by analyzing customer behavior. It automatically delivers emails to customers with the latest offers, recommends products that your customer likes, and sends personalized messages by surveying customer data.  


Finding the right tool for your marketing strategy is necessary and Getresponse could be your choice. It is good for both freelancers and companies. Also, it can easily integrate with most apps and plugins which makes it better than the competition. Last but not least they provide promising customer assistance.

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