How to Manage Online Business During Vacation?

The all-around and largest benefit an online retailer can seek is he can market the sale and purchase of products from anywhere. This proves to be most advantageous when the vacations are going on but you still don’t want to shut the business.

Amazon’s seller app is the one that makes your seller’s account accessible at any point in time without any issues. So here in this article, we will discuss the various features of the Amazon seller’s app by which you can access your account even when you are out and have no desktop available with you.

Order Notifications
A customer can make purchases in your online store at any time as it is 24/7 available. Every time a new order is been placed, the seller’s app will send a notification for the same to you. With these notifications facilities, you will be able to run your business smoothly and having a convenient selling experience even when you are not home.

Confirm Shipments
As you must know that until a seller confirms the order it cannot be delivered to the customer’s place. So whenever you get a notification of any order placed confirm it successfully with this seller’s app. The order confirmation is a very simple process. All you are requiring to do is to open the ‘manage orders’ column and confirm the orders. Also, you can schedule easy ship pickups by using this feature.

Replying to Buyer’s Messages
It is really essential to reply as soon as possible as any message pops up on your customer’s care. With the help of Amazon’s seller app, you can reply to customer’s messages. This will lead to the growth of your business as customers will rate its best-selling store. In addition, you can also create template replies to of some the most occurring customer questions.

Inventory Update
In case you see that many or a single item is getting out of stock and the order for that specific product goes up increasing more so you can contact inventory management through this app. This app will enable you to give a good shopping experience to your customer and they will become your regular customers.

Pricing Opportunities
It is always recommended to leave your competitors behind in terms of quality and price. If your products are being sold at a lower price as compared to your competitors then the Amazon seller app will suggest a revised buy box rate. This occurs when your product is being sold at a 10% higher rate than your competitor.

With these amazing features, you can have convenient selling even when you are away. To take endless advantage of these features you should register yourself as a seller on Amazon. So what are you waiting for? Register as early as possible.

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