6 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO

Do you own a blog? If yes then there is definite possibility that you must have sufficient information regarding business blogging. Still, are you wondering about optimizing your posts to make it more SEO friendly?

Truly, numerous bloggers neglect to exploit the tremendous advertising capability of their online blogs. Truth be told, a current report by blogger.com demonstrates that albeit about 60% of organizations have websites, 65% of those blog proprietors haven’t refreshed in the previous year! You can take the most of the benefit from your blog by giving fresh and unique content posts, and performing fundamental blogging optimization.

Here in this article we’re providing you 6 basic tips/guidelines to make your blog SEO optimized:

Conduct Proper Research
As you are well aware of the fact that keyword research is very relevant for your ON page SEO optimization. There are more chances that keywords are naturally included in your blog posts if you are providing valuable content.

In addition, there are many marketing tools available online to find proper and relevant keywords for your blog posts which are not considered sometimes.
Below are two most useful tools that enable you to search related keywords and they even give you all information about your competitors regarding what keywords they are put in for boosting traffic.
Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Use Keywords All In The Posts
In case you have searched well for all the important keywords need to be inserted in the blog posts, the main task remaining is to include them as and when necessary so that it can be most impactful for visitors and SEO indexing.
The main areas where keywords should be placed are:

  • Title and Meta descriptions
  • Anchor text (Link which can lead you to related posts)
  • Introductory sentence (It should be impactfull)
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Concluding paragraph or summary

Note: Don’t do keyword stuffing in your content which means that unnecessary insert of all keywords in your blog posts which not only frustrate your readers but also Google will penalized you for that.

Images Should Be Optimized
This means that whenever you upload any image in your content, make sure that you save it as your keyword name as file and also add short alternative text including the very minor description about your image. This will help the users to know what the entire image is about in case they did not get the image.

Provide Reference With Other Links
Whenever you mention about another blogger or link to their blogs in your blog posts insert a link you are referencing. It is not only a great blogging tip but also you will get an access back link. Quality links are a great way to get your blog noticed by the search engine instantly.

Provide Readers A Chance To Subscribe To Your Blog
Incorporate put RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons and enable readers to subscribe to your blog posts with the medium of email whenever possible. This will give them notifications regarding your latest blog posts and they do not have to check on your website always.

Engage Social Media To Expand The Reach
I hope you must know about how important social media can prove to be in case of marketing of a blog. Various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more are there to create connection with your targeted visitors. This will help to bring more traffic to your website as people nowadays use social media a lot.

I assure you that by following these basic tips, your blog will definitely rank higher in SEO and you will get higher visitors on your website.



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