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A Step By Step Guide to Usability Testing -

A Step By Step Guide to Usability Testing

When you are launching a new mobile app, software product, or website, it is important to test it before presenting it for the use of your potential customers. Experts believe that you must invest more in usability testing than marketing because your marketing results will drain when users face issues getting the most of your product. Confused about what and how to do it? Here is a simple guide for all the newbies.

Have Something To Test
If you don’t have a product that needs to be tested, at least have a prototype. Framing the concept of the product or website is essential if you don’t have your product ready. Depending on the product or the demo of the site you will be creating, you will decide the parameters for testing. For example, if it’s a website, you will be testing how smooth the user experience it’s able to provide and is it mobile-friendly or not.

Create A Testing Plan
For creating the testing plan, first of all, you need to decide what you will be testing. Now, when you have a prototype or product to test, and you have divided parameters of testing as well, the next step is to decide how will you analyze the results. What you are expecting from your product and how you will improve the flaws? Create a plan once you think of creating a usability test.

Find Usability Testing Participants
If you know your exact audience, you can quickly start with the test. But, if you don’t know whom you will be targeting, it will require you to do some research. Make a list of characteristics of people who will be the end-users of your product. The process is a bit lengthy as it is an important step. Hire some professional help if you are getting confused so that they can bring you better results.

Make It Happen
You can either call people and get the test performed under your guidance or let it happen remotely. When you moderate the whole process with so many participants in a single room, you might not get real-time results. Plus, some will arrive late, some will arrive early, and that would create chaos. The participants will share a better experience when they are allowed to test from their homes.

Result Time
Create a spreadsheet of the notes and comments added by the testers. Collect all the audio and video recordings for better analysis. Check all the survey forms filled by the participants. Create a table of all the entries and calculate the success rate percentage. Check everything 2-3 times before proceeding so that results are accurate and reliable. Calculate the error rate percentage and markdown significant changes required.

Kick Away The Issues
Now, when you have the results, you can easily correct all the hindrances and improve the performance of your product or website. Do it, and you are done for this time.

So, usability testing can be easy if you do it without skipping any of the above-mentioned steps.


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