How To Improve Website Page Rank?

Being a blogger, there is no doubt that you must know about what is the page rank. Well, page rank is simply a ranking factor but it is really essential factor to judge the website’s position in internet marketing. As we are here to discuss the various tips to improve website page rank but before doing so let us understand the page rank.

Page rank is nothing but a ranking factor that has been done by Google in which it gives a position to any website on the scale of 1-10. As you know well that a newly established website has N/A or 0 PR. Ranking at the 1st position is the beginning of any blog/website and ranking at 10th is the best one in the Google rank page system. The only most reason behind this page rank is nothing else but the quality content and backlinks on a website. When you receive a good response from other sites your image in Google automatically rises above. But let me tell you that for this you don’t need to build backlinks in just one day or using other mediums and all otherwise your site will get banned by Google in the search engine.

Importance Of Improving Page Rank
Firstly in order to study the tips for improving page rank, you must know the need for improving this. You must have heard that many bloggers say that page rank doesn’t matter when it comes to the traffic of your website and it is correct. However, when it comes to the credibility of a website, page rank matters.

There is a dire need for effective planning about how will you improve your page rank and what factors you are will consider for it. People who have deep knowledge about online business generally know that page rank beard advantageous for their website. Also, there are many sponsors who provide ads for your blog posts but they consider PR for it. If the page rank of your site is good enough then there are better chances for sponsored ads or blog posts.

In addition when bloggers will see a good page ranking of your website then they will not think twice before linking to you and this will bring credibility to your website.

Google page rank is an important concept as it decided your ranking in the Google search engine. It is on a scale of 1-10 and achieving 10 is the maximum benefit that can be achieved by the quality backlinks a site receives. Generally, the pages having higher page rank tend to appear more at the top in the Google search engine if they are done with relevant keywords.

So let us now discuss some significant tips to improve the page rank of a website:

High-Quality SEO Optimized Content
It is really necessary to update your website with high quality and unique content. More relevant your content will be more chances of increasing traffic as people will love to read it. Also if you post regularly on your site then more webmasters will start linking to you and it will give you quality inbound links. Fresh and unique content will also increase and boost the ranking of your page in the search engine and people will more likely to find your blog easily. As per the new Google guidelines, it is essential to post every month with suitable blog posts.
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Utilize Heading Tags And Proper Keywords
As I have already told you that writing quality articles will higher your page rank but along with that finding your site on Google is mandatory. You can do fewer things about this. Firstly you have to do proper keyword research and write high SEO optimized posts. Backlinks are way too important for high page rank and at last social media promotion is what engages visitors to your site in the mainstream. So that is the overall success story for a good ranking website but proper keyword research and optimizing your content is crucial

Heading tags placement and keywords density should be balanced, we can keep heading tags in the post like H1, H2, etc. For better optimization, you can also use plugins like EasyWpSEO.

Back Links
The most imperative player in this activity to enhance the Page Rank of a site or a blog is the inbound links for a specific webpage. Truly speaking the number of inbound links determines the ranking of your website and gives great success for your website. Also, not all links are considered to be equal when you talk about the inbound links. Links build to high PR sites are considered valuable when compared to low PR sites. The inbound links should originate from high PR sites to beneficially affect the PR.

Well, the main ways to create high-quality backlinks are the:

  • Blog commenting on Do-follow blog
  • Guest posting
  • Forum posting (With signature)

Article Directory Submission
Write high-quality unique articles to the most popular and high PR article directories with a link back to your site in the base of the article at the asset box. Sometimes, there are bloggers who would be like your article and publish it on their websites which will give you a high-quality inbound link. Google search engine will take it as a good response of your website and therefore your ranking will give up higher.

However, after panda backlinks from Article directories isn’t considered as a high backlink that is the reason we prescribed about the guest posting. But when you want to raise your page rank the article directory is a good idea for that.

Submit Blog To Web Directories
A straightforward method to enhance the Page Rank of the webpage is to present the website or the blog to a proper class of high-positioning web directories. Your site will rank higher in the Google search engine when you submit more and more blogs to many directories and they will give you backlinks in return.

Ask Other Bloggers To Link With Your Website
You might have to wonder that what I am saying but believe me there is something valuable in letting other bloggers know about the well-written unique article you have posted on your blog. For instance, you have written a well-researched article on getting Google page rank with 0+ backlinks and the other bloggers might have written something like page rank and or SEO then there are chances that you can get a high-quality backlink.

Organize Blog Contests
Organizing blog contests is the most popular and effective way a blogger can use for the marketing of his website. As a blogger, you can see that there are many products or items related to your blog niche and likewise you can organize contests like write a review and link to your blog, do social bookmarking voting, and get free Google+1 and different votes, which helps in better ranking in Google. This blog contest will not only increase the backlinks of your website but also increases credibility for visitors.

Look For Your Site In Search
It is very right to say that a proper build structure of a website is important for SEO optimized website. Make sure that Google indexes all your content posts and index your site. Firstly does a search in with the following term:  Site: Replace with your site name and visit the last page. If you see excluded output alternative, tap on it and see what extra useless pages Google is appearing. If your wp-administrator, wp-content are filed, you can quit slithering utilizing WordPress robots.txt.

Fix Broken Links
The last thing which I must recommend you in order to make your site more search engine friendly. WordPress offers plugins like Broken link checker to fix broken links. You can also take the help of webmasters to find all the broken links and pages considering it and working on that links otherwise.

In case you are a Wikipedia follower, then you must have seen that Wikipedia SEO strategies with internal linking. What do you understand by internet linking? Internal linking is linking to your older posts with your newer posts. Also, make sure that you link them with proper anchor text.  This will lead to better indexing of internal pages and boost the SEO ranking of the targeted keywords. There are many beneficial plugins for the same, which includes:

  • Insight WordPress plugin
  • SEO smart link Premium Plugin

There are also alternative methods that can prove to be advantageous but backlinks are the foremost one. Also, try to maintain consistency or uniformity in the building of backlinks which will help you otherwise it can backfire also. You can likewise use backlinks checker tools to check that how many backlinks you have made yet and increase it if required.

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