How to Install WordPress Manually On Any Web Hosting?

As we all know that WordPress is the most amazing platform for creating websites as it controls almost 60% of the considerable number of sites utilizing a CMS stage. The reason behind this is its ordinary user interface and providing the smoothness of utilizing modules for expanded operability and support. In addition, you can use thousands of wonderful free and premium themes to give an appealing look to your website.

WordPress also enables you to control web-designed themes which can be easily used for designing your website effectively. It allows you to simply drag and drop widgets from WordPress to your website. Moreover, you can likewise include customization codes and improve the highlights as per your comprehension and necessity.

In this article, we will enlighten you regarding an easy way to install WordPress manually along with a quick Softaculous installation tutorial for installing WordPress on any Web-Hosting platform.

So understand with simple steps below, how to install WordPress manually on any web Hosting :

  • Download the WordPress package
  • Upload the package to your hosting account
  • Create the MySQL database and user
  • Enter the details in WordPress
  • Run the WordPress installation
  • Install WordPress using Softaculous in cPanel

Introducing the WordPress CMS on your facilitated server should be possible in different ways. Despite the fact that, it is constantly encouraged to introduce it physically as it is more secure as opposed to going for a single tick establishment. Take after the following steps to set up WordPress physically on your facilitating server.

Download The WordPress Package
In order to install the WordPress CMS, you will have to initially download the WordPress package.

Upload The Package To Your Hosting Account
There are three different ways for uploading this package which is discussed below:

  • Uploading via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Uploading via File Manager
  • Uploading SSH (Secure Socket Shell)


Create The MySQL Database And User
If you create the MySQL database and user then you need Cpanel access to your hosting account. Generally, WordPress collects all its information in the database. A database is therefore viewed as the storage space where all your content will be stored whatever the visitors view. The various items it stores are files, WordPress Themes, plugins, etc.

So to create a database for storing your information following steps need to be followed:

  1. Firstly login to your Cpanel.
  2. Usually, there is a MySQL database wizard below the database section. Now tap on it.
    How to Install WordPress Manually On Any Web Hosting
  3. Then create a database and fill in your details of the database name. Jump to the next step.Create-A-Database-for-wordpress
  4. Create database users and fill in the username and password. Click create a user.create-username-and-password-in-mysql-database
  5. Add the client to the database. After this, you will be prompt with the benefits choice. Select the alternatives as per your need. In case you are creating an admin account then selecting all privileges is recommended. On the other hand, if you are making a user account then selecting limited privileges can be done.How-to-Grant-All-Privileges-on-a-Database-in-MySQL

Enter The Details In WordPress
Now when you want to connect your database with your WordPress account then it is mandatory to fill in all the details as mentioned in step 3 here. Let us show:

  • When you begin WordPress on your program, it will request the fundamental subtle elements for associating up the database. Enter the database name which you had made before.
  • Fill in the database username.
  • Fill in the database password. It is always suggestive to use a unique and long password for the database. In order to do this, you can take the help of a password generator which is a combination of characters, numbers, and also special characters to form a difficult password.
  • Select the database host. You can obtain this information from your web host.
  • We would propose you keep the table prefix unique in relation to the default “wp”. Utilizing an alternate prefix will influence your database more to secure and will make it difficult for any unapproved individual to get

At last, submit the details. Now your WordPress account will get connected to your database.

Run The WordPress Installation
Now it’s time to press the final button as all the primary steps have been completed. Now after finishing all these steps, you can choose the best WordPress blog themes and give a stylish look to your website. The concluding job is to now execute the installation script from the installation page.

Install WordPress Using Softaculous
Additionally, you can install WordPress from your Cpanel using Softaculous. It is a comparatively simple method to install the CMS on your hosting but it is always preferable to do it manually.
After completing the installation of WordPress on your hosting you can begin with setting up your website.

Final Words
WordPress always provides a simple user interface for creating a website in less duration. This fact has been considered true as many eCommerce websites have been set up with WordPress itself. If you follow the above steps then it will hardly take 10-15 minutes. After the fruitful WordPress establishment, you can download premium WordPress themes from MyThemeShop. When you are done with setting up your themes now you can publish the relevant content and posts on your blog. Do make sure to set up an About Me/About Us page for your site. Submit and confirm your site on various web crawler stages like Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo.

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