Things to Consider While Website Migration

Website migration refers to the transfer of a website from one host to another host. Migration includes the complete transfer of websites with all their files, data, and records. It is a very essential and at the same time challenging task. The owner does not only work on developing the site but also on search engine optimization which leads to the online presence of a website.

Here in this article, we have discussed some of the major tips to be followed while website migration for the smooth functioning of activities.  Let’s start:

Risk is a primary factor
Risk is the foremost thing attached to every business whether it is online or offline. Similarly, in website migration, a huge amount of risk is involved. There is a risk of traffic loss, loss of keywords, loss of ranking, and loss of revenue. So you should always ensure the minimum risk and loss occurred through migration.

Take a backup of everything
When you migrate your website, make sure you have taken a full backup of all the files, data, and everything related to the website. A small loss in information can result in huge losses and issues attached to it.

Redirect each and every URL
Another vital task to be carried out while the migration is to redirect each and every URL of your website to a new URL. The only URL considered valid is 301 Redirection.

Follow a logical hierarchy
There must be a hierarchy of files and folders associated with your website with thousands of pages. So it is essential to maintain and restore the same hierarchy on the new website to make those links work. Else, there will be a lost in your website ranking due to inappropriate linking.

URL structure is important
By default, there will be a new URL structure at the new web host. Therefore do not make any change to the new URL structure as it will make the website a completely new one with all the plagiarized content of the website established earlier.

Ensure the whole content is taken
The most important thing to consider while website migration is to ensure that your content is safe. No content should be missing or left while migration.

Launch the new site
It is also necessary to completely install your website on UAT. Don’t forget to check everything about UAT regarding its URL, content before taking the site.

Final words
Website Migration is not an easy task. It takes time and hard work to restart a website. The search engines will re-index each and every page of your site and all the sites that are linked with your website. In the initial months after migration, you can experience some drop in your earnings but gradually things will get up and start working.

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